Disencumber your Mind

 Welcome to The Nation-State of Alkemia’s blog regarding a Self-Governed lifestyle! The intent behind this blog is to help further the knowledge of those who have become lost in the vast ocean of disinformation on the Internet and Internet Social Media; those who know something is awry in their current reality-tunnel yet don’t exactly know where to start in the path to edify their Self to levels necessary for Self-Governance on this planet.

 The Nation-State of Alkemia are like-minded beings who have united together for the purpose of promoting their mutual safety and advantage by the joint efforts of their combined strength as all Free Peoples under Natural Law applied to Nations/Societies/States have done for thousands of years.
 We are contemporary historians, philosophers, and researchers. Part of the Alkemian purpose, and duty to humankind on this planet, is to work together with ourselves, as well as with others who wish it, for educating and teaching each other for rearing the Self and the Group to the necessary requirements for Freedom and Universal Self-Determination: interpersonally and internationally.
 Our main goal is to educate, and promote education of, individuals, that they may make informed decisions and establish individual philosophies, as well as achieve the mind-set and mentality for their Self-Governance via the Universal International Right of Self-Determination.
 We believe in Individual responsibility and that current societies do not presently promote the pro-social environment necessary to develop healthy individuals and healthy self-governance.

 We hope that your journey through this blog is illuminating, and helps enlighten your consciousness to greater heights!

 With honor, dignity, good-faith, and respect:

The Alkemians

Faith is not necessary for those willing to learn the facts.

Alkemian Maxim of Philosophy

In order to resurrect one’s condition of freedom one must be willing to govern one’s Self without the default Political Power-Control Structure they were born into; the one established to govern those who have not yet chosen to govern themselves: this is the Universal International Right of Self-Determination

Alkemian Maxim of Philosophy, Law, and International Law