Subject or Sovereign?

Every single human on this planet who is not in some position of power in some government is a subject.

This is why We constantly tell people to quit the state they hate and go build their own: it destroys the subjection they were born into.

Everyone in any state that came from British Colonization has been fundamentally deceived into believing that they are “the people” who “created the state”, so that The Rulers of those states can get the consent of the governed from everyone participating in The Rulers’ System, which gives The Rulers the legitimacy as Rulers inside the government of that state to Effectively Control/govern everyone in that state.

The English Common Law principle of Jus soli is why you’ll constantly see and hear us bring up quitting the state that you so greatly hate, by giving up Its nationality to go make you’re own state with your own laws, rules, principles, maxims, whatever-your-imagination-can-dream-up; because no matter what magical voodoo law guru nonsense anyone engages in, as long as they have the nationality of the system they’re trying to escape or play Pretend Sovereign with, they will forever be engaging in futile endeavors against a system tailor-made for their self-evident want and desire for the soft-subjection that they clearly consent to.

People don’t realize that in this day and age if you quit a state by getting rid of Its nationality you don’t have to leave the physical boundaries of that state. Because what you’re quitting is in fact a jurisdictional claim attached to that nationality and while that Sovereign State with that jurisdictional claim does have a claim of title and ownership to the dirt, territorial disputes happen all the time; as long as the territorial integrity and territorial sovereignty of the “sovereign” remains intact then there’s no breach of International Law—ergo, the only thing stopping anyone from achieving the freedom they proclaim to want is their lack of education and their fickleness and lack of desire to be in complete and unlimited control of their destiny once they become educated.

The problem is that the vast majority of people fighting for freedom are at a 1st grade comprehension of “The System” and their “knowledge” comes from reading countless copy ‘n’ paste disinformation posts on The Internet, and they are learning false realities and fabricated nonsense that was created to establish Dragnets to generate revenue for the state.

The Universal International Right of Self-Determination is the only answer to any tyranny.